Reasons You Need More Natural Light In Your Home


natural light coming from the windowsHave you ever wondered by people enjoy basking in sun? Basking in natural sun light not only improves the physical health but also improves the mental health of the person. People, who do not enough sunlight, can suffer from several disorders. For instance, people who are subjected to dismal weather for a prolonged duration can suffer from seasonal affective disorder. This disorder has affected more than 10 million people and it is known to cause depression in people. One of the ways of avoiding this problem is by ensuring that you get your daily dose of natural light. Recent studies have shown that ample exposure to natural sunlight helps in boosting daily disposition and productivity.

When we spend more time in our home, our sleep-wake cycle or circadian rhythms becomes skewed. The artificial lights inside our house affect the production of melatonin, which is a compound that has an influence on our sleep. One of ways of resetting our sleep cycle is by increasing our outdoor activities. You can spend a week camping with your family and friends. You could also realign your sleep-wake cycle with rising and setting time of the sun to ensure that you get maximum sunlight. Living in a home that has plenty of natural light is another easy way of realigning your circadian rhythms.

It is a known fact that when natural light enters our home, we use less electricity. This not only helps in reducing your monthly energy bills but also helps in conserving our natural resources. You can save energy and reduce environment impact by living in a residential property that has abundant natural light.

Did you know that exposure to natural light is important to keep your eyes healthy. You should make it a point to exposure your eyes to natural light for at least 20 minutes every day. Reducing the exposure to artificial light is also important because it can have a negative impact on our eyes. Several studies have been conducted to analyze the effect of natural and artificial light on our eyes. In one of the studies, it was found that people who work in night shifts are less exposed to natural light. This can increase the risk of cancer and other ailments in these people.

When your room is lit by artificial light source, it can affect the production of melatonin in the body, which can affect our ability to sleep. People who live in rooms that are light by excessive night lighting usually get low quality sleep. Making natural light a part of your daily routine will make you more energetic and improve your sleep pattern.

When you have more natural light in your home, it also means that your natural window view also increases. This is known to improve positively in people and it reduces the risk of depression. One of the ways of improving the natural view is by installing impact doors and windows like the ones from Apart from improving the natural view, these windows protect your home from strong winds and wind-borne debris. Also known as storm windows and doors, these windows are ideal choice of people who are looking for strong windows that allow natural light to enter their home. Impact doors also reduce your monthly electric bills by preventing hot air from entering or escaping from your home during extreme temperatures. So, if you are considering door replacement, you should install impact doors in your home. Once you install these replacement doors, you don’t have to install any other hurricane doors in your property.